Spherik Launches the SFC, a Revolutionary Carbon Fatbike

Designers “broke the mold” to deliver a unique carbon fat bike with geometry to fit all sizes with equal performance. Quebec-based manufacturer Spherik is pleased to unveil its latest fat bike model, which features a more controlled stiffness, better suited to different rider sizes. Dominique Faure, president and designer, explains the process of the engineering […]


Packing your road bike in 6 steps

Are you planning to go on a trip soon? Here are the 6 steps for safely packing your road bike in a box with cushions provided for this purpose. Refer to the video as needed. First affix a first cushion to the bottom of the box then, for a better assembly, remove the saddle, the […]


Vélo Mag award-winning products

It is with great pride that Spherik announces that its products are once again in the “editor’s choice” of Vélo Mag buying guides. For the quality of design, the advantageous prices, the competitive technical specifications or simply for a crush during a test, there is no doubt that our bikes stand out! Our 2018 Fat […]


Fatbike : Tires

The fatbike niche is a world so different from that of mountain biking that the cyclist who shops for his first model faces all kinds of questions. The choice of tires is the first question he will have to answer. Most fatbikes on the market come with so-called “4-inch” tires, while some more winter-specific (and […]

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