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Alex Harvey, Spherik Ambassador

See his opinion on his 3 Spherik bikes

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Redefining super-light e-bikes

E-SMT from 36.8 lbs /16.7 kg

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Discover the Spherik phenomenon

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Be prepared for anything, no matter what path you take. Junior models available!


From recreational comfort to performance, ride well, ride far.


Experience the snowy forests well-equipped. Junior models available!


Move anywhere in the city, without compromise.


Discover the phenomenon

Spherik is a Quebec-based manufacturer of high-performance bicycles with exclusive designs. The quality and accuracy of its products have made it a household name. How do they do it? Thanks to designers who not only have an extensive knowledge of design and manufacturing processes but also a precise understanding of what the customer is looking for.

With its urban, road, mountain, electric-assist and fatbikes, Spherik performs and lets you perform in return. Analyze our products, dissect them if you want to know and understand everything, but above all, challenge them. That’s when you’ll understand the Spherik phenomenon.

Our bikes

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Junior Collection

Because we all know the joy of sharing a passion as a family, Spherik designs junior-sized bikes for you to ride mountain bikes and fatbikes with your kids. Go on an adventure in nature with your child thanks to the SF2 junior fatbike and the SMK20 and SMK24 mountain bikes, adapted to their young bodies. Bikes that will spark a passion!

More than 10 e-bikes

Whether it’s to simplify your commute in the city or optimize your performance and allow you to ride longer rides on the road, in the mountains and on fatbikes, trust our products.

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Our Mission

To manufacture distinctive and innovative bikes with an unrivalled quality-price ratio on the market

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All road bikes are designed to take you swiftly over paved surfaces and beyond. If at first glance their appearance hasn’t changed much over …

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How to choose the right fatbike
The fatbike is an unbeatable tool for riding off the beaten track, ...
Alex Harvey rides Spherik bikes
Alex Harvey, fondeur canadien et grand passionné de vélo de route, montagne ...

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Discover our products through our vast network of dealers or directly at the Spherik boutique in Quebec City.


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