What to do for better muscle recovery after training

Moderate stretching after heavy physical exertion helps reduce inflammation and helps restore better blood circulation. In general, you should wait an hour or two before starting to stretch. These must remain light and 15 to 20 minutes are enough to obtain a good effect. It is important not to stretch jerkily. The pressure must be […]


Fatbike : Tires

The fatbike niche is a world so different from that of mountain biking that the cyclist who shops for his first model faces all kinds of questions. The choice of tires is the first question he will have to answer. Most fatbikes on the market come with so-called “4-inch” tires, while some more winter-specific (and […]


Fatbike: Essential Gear

To have fun cycling in winter, you have to dress and equip yourself properly. You will probably be riding trails in the forest, at low speed and with considerable effort, so you can wear clothes similar to those you would wear when cross-country skiing or snowshoeing for the same temperature. A balaclava under your bike […]


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