Buyer’s Guide – Shopping for a Mountain Bike

Are you about to shop for a mountain bike? Consult our buying guide (video) in order to understand which are the relevant questions to ask. It will also allow you to understand the main categories of mountain bikes in order to guide your choice.

Validate the build quality of the frame.
Check how the bike is assembled.
Pivots: Find out if the ball bearings are sealed.
Check if hydraulic disc brakes are single or dual piston and understand the intricacies.
Ask about the suspension system: there are several variations and your choice will have to be made according to the type of cyclist you are or want to be.
Wheel diameter: undecided between a 29-inch or 27+-inch model? Find out about compatible models in 2 types of wheels!
Ask about dropper posts. A nice addition for more advanced level cyclists!

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