Buyer’s Guide – Shopping for a Road Bike

Here is a road bike buying guide presenting the 6 elements to understand before shopping. Check out the video (french) for all the details.

Attitude and habits

First determine your needs based on your attitude on a bike and your habits. Ask yourself an important question: are you a recreational, athletic/recreational or athletic/performance-oriented cyclist?

By also asking yourself what your habits are (distance, experience, practice, etc.) you will greatly help the adviser to direct you to the ideal bike for you.

Aluminum or carbon?

Will you need an aluminum or carbon bike? This choice, which is frequently influenced by your budget and the use you will make of your bike, will have an impact on your performance.

Frame and fork

Choose a quality frame, without compromise. Also make sure that the bike is suitable for your position, according to your body measurements, to avoid discomfort.


Since the energy is transmitted through the wheels, make sure they are of high quality and adapted to your needs.


Tires are crucial to performance. Prefer a minimum of 120 TPI for better performance, less rapid wear, better grip, etc. The TPI indicates the density of the weave of the rubber fabric. Please note that several models include 30 and 60 TPI tires.


It is important to confirm with your merchant if it offers a guarantee. If you have a lifetime warranty, that’s a big plus.

Happy shopping!

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