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How to choose the right fatbike

The fatbike is an unbeatable tool for riding off the beaten track, going on bike-packing adventures and, above all… riding on snow. North American cyclists, especially those in Quebec, are blessed with abundant snowfall and thousands of kilometers of well-groomed trails. That’s why this new winter sport is still recruiting many new enthusiasts every year. […]


Alex Harvey rides Spherik bikes

Alex Harvey, fondeur canadien et grand passionné de vélo de route, montagne et fabike, roule en Spherik.  Nous lui avons d’ailleurs demandé ce qu’il pense de ses 3 vélos Spherik. Fatbike / Spherik SFC Alex est équipé du SFC , un fatbike en carbone destiné aux amateurs de vitesse.   « Les sensations que procure le SFC sont […]


Innovation – Super Light Power Assisted Bikes

With the Spherik Super Light bike range, two worlds come together. It’s now possible to enjoy both the power of electric assistance and the handling of a traditional bike. Spherik is launching a range of super-light assisted bikes, comprising 5 bikes intended for road, gravel and mountain use. These bikes have in common an ultra-compact, […]


Spherik Launches the SFC, a Revolutionary Carbon Fatbike

Designers “broke the mold” to deliver a unique carbon fat bike with geometry to fit all sizes with equal performance. Quebec-based manufacturer Spherik is pleased to unveil its latest fat bike model, which features a more controlled stiffness, better suited to different rider sizes. Dominique Faure, president and designer, explains the process of the engineering […]

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Buyer’s Guide – Shopping for a Road Bike

Here is a road bike buying guide presenting the 6 elements to understand before shopping. Check out the video (french) for all the details. Attitude and habits First determine your needs based on your attitude on a bike and your habits. Ask yourself an important question: are you a recreational, athletic/recreational or athletic/performance-oriented cyclist? By […]


What to do for better muscle recovery after training

Moderate stretching after heavy physical exertion helps reduce inflammation and helps restore better blood circulation. In general, you should wait an hour or two before starting to stretch. These must remain light and 15 to 20 minutes are enough to obtain a good effect. It is important not to stretch jerkily. The pressure must be […]


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