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Discover the phenomenon

Spherik is a Quebec-based manufacturer of high-performance bicycles with exclusive designs. The quality and accuracy of its products have made it a household name. How do they do it? Thanks to designers who not only have an extensive knowledge of design and manufacturing processes but also a precise understanding of what the customer is looking for.

With its urban, road, mountain, electric-assist and fatbikes, Spherik performs and lets you perform in return. Analyze our products, dissect them if you want to know and understand everything, but above all, challenge them. That’s when you’ll understand the Spherik phenomenon.

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Whether you want to simplify your commute around town or maximize your performance for longer rides on the road, in the mountains and on fatbikes, trust our products.


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Our mission

Distinctive and innovative bicycles with unparalleled value for money on the market

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Discover our products through our large network of dealers or directly at the Spherik Concept Store in Quebec City.


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