Packing your road bike in 6 steps

Are you planning to go on a trip soon?

Here are the 6 steps for safely packing your road bike in a box with cushions provided for this purpose. Refer to the video as needed.

  1. First affix a first cushion to the bottom of the box then, for a better assembly, remove the saddle, the wheels and the quick releases
  2. Then unscrew the derailleur from the frame and place it with the chain in the transport box
  3. Unscrew the handlebar from the stem and place the bike in the box
  4. Take another cushion and place it on the frame and then place the wheels on it, without the quick releases
  5. Put the seat post and the quick releases inside the box, between the two cushions. To avoid contact between objects, add other cushions of smaller sizes to the sides so as to leave as little space as possible in the box
  6. Add the last cushion, making sure it does not protrude from the sides and gradually attach the straps by tightening them together

You can also consider putting small tools and other small bike items in separate bags to prevent them from getting damaged in transit.

Plan your road bike packing

You don’t have a transport box as seen in the video? Find out, some retailers offer rental and sometimes even packaging services for your bike. This is the case at the Spherik store in Quebec!

Always keep in mind that securely packing your road bike is essential, but unfortunately, you have no control over how your precious luggage will be handled by airport and airline attendants. Although the majority of securely packed bicycles arrive at their destination in good condition, it is strongly recommended that you have insurance for your bicycle so that you are compensated in the event of a problem.

Have a good trip !

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