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External 250 WH Battery (range extender)

250 WH EP Powerpack for your Spherik Mountain Super Light Electric Bike (E-SME, E-SMA or E-SMT)

900.00 $ +tx

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Elevate your electric biking experience with our optional 250 WH external battery, specifically adapted for our Super Light Electric Bikes.

This external battery (EP Powerpack), also known as a a range extender, is your gateway to longer rides and greater adventures.

While our Super Light Electric Mountain Bikes already come with a substantial internal 360 WH battery, this external battery can ensure ou you have the power to ride for even more hours (+ ~100km).

*Note that our 2024 Super Light Electric Road Bikes already come with this external battery.

Key Features

Power and Range: With a capacity of 250 WH and 36 volts, this battery extends your ride by approximately 100 km or adds about 2.5 hours of cruising time.

Simple Installation: The battery attaches seamlessly to your bike frame using a bottle holder mechanism, ensuring a secure and straightforward setup.

External 250 WH Battery (range extender)

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