Road Buyer’s Guide

All road bikes are designed to take you swiftly over paved surfaces and beyond. If at first glance their appearance hasn’t changed much over the past 50 years, these bikes have progressed tremendously. Geometries have evolved for greater speed and comfort, and frames offer more clearance for tires, which are now wider. At the top and middle of the range, frames are made of carbon fiber, equipped with electronic transmissions and disc brakes. Electric assistance has revolutionized accessibility and is constantly being refined, with motors and batteries becoming lighter and more integrated.

With so much innovation, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the abundance of choice available. To identify the right bike for each user, it’s important to consider skill level, budget and intended use. Here are a few guidelines.

The cyclist who wants a good carbon frame at the best possible price

Compared to an alloy frame, a good carbon fiber frame provides unrivalled comfort and lightness, which experienced cyclists and novices alike aspire to. However, this level of performance comes with a higher purchase price, making them unaffordable for some. The Spherik SRL is an exception to the rule, with its extremely light carbon frame, focused on comfort and flexibility, and two choices of components making it accessible to all budgets. In order to be able to offer it at this unmatched price, it has been fitted with rim brakes, whose braking power is less than that of disc brakes, but whose low weight helps keep the bike very light and pleasant to ride. 

The comfort-oriented recreational cyclist

The aches and pains that occur after extended rides may be felt in the knees, back, shoulders and neck, wrists or hands, or may simply manifest themselves as general fatigue. Proper exercise and positioning help reduce these aches and pains, but frame geometry and characteristics are factors to be considered first and foremost. Cyclists suffering from this kind of discomfort should therefore look for a frame that prioritizes comfort over performance, with a geometry that places the rider in a slightly more upright position. The Spherik SRD takes this approach. Its tapered seatstays act like suspension blades to absorb shocks and limit the impact of road vibrations. Its longer chainstays make it more stable and predictable. The suppleness of its high-quality carbon frame lets you rack up the miles with maximum efficiency and comfort.

The competitive cyclist in search of speed

Experienced athletes are on the lookout for the smallest detail that will improve their performance. They optimize their training and nutrition and buy the most technologically advanced equipment. They appreciate a stiff, responsive bike, and favor either lightness or aerodynamics, or just the right mix of the two. The Spherik SRX merges these properties with a high-quality, aerodynamically formidable carbon frame, designed to make the most of every watt developed by its rider. Its 30mm rims offer good aerodynamics, yet are quick to climb. This performance-oriented road bike meets the needs of competitive cyclists eager to outdo themselves.

The experienced cyclist who needs electric assistance but enjoys riding a regular bike

Electrically-assisted road bikes are enjoying ever-increasing popularity, meeting the needs of a clientele in search of a little virtual tailwind. Originally, these machines were extremely heavy and bulky, enough to put off a large number of cyclists who would have appreciated the benefits of assistance, but for whom a bike should be light and fun to ride. Fortunately, e-bikes have recently evolved into a category called “super light”, where their weight comes close to that of most road bikes. These new-generation lightweight e-bikes offer a ride that’s not very different from that of an unassisted bike, but with significant electrical assistance. Aesthetically, it’s increasingly difficult to tell them apart from regular bikes. Developed in Quebec and powered by Swiss engine Maxon, Spherik’s E-SRD stands out in this category. Its ultra-quiet, frictionless motor provides 40 Nm of assistance, powered by a 250Wh battery. This assistance is less than that of heavier models but, combined with a choice of high-quality carbon components, it brings the weight of the E-SRD down to 11.2 kg (24.7 lb), which is close to the weight of a traditional road bike. As a result, this electric bike is livelier, climbs better and accelerates better. It’s fun to ride and easy to handle if you need to move it. Its range runs to around 100 km, and can be doubled with an optional extra battery.

For the more adventurous cyclist who wants to venture off the paved roads occasionally, Spherik also offers the E-SRG, built around the same carbon frame, but fitted with wider tires well-suited to off-road riding. A gravel bike that will take you far, on any surface, in complete confidence and comfort.

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