What to do for better muscle recovery after training

Moderate stretching after heavy physical exertion helps reduce inflammation and helps restore better blood circulation. In general, you should wait an hour or two before starting to stretch. These must remain light and 15 to 20 minutes are enough to obtain a good effect.

It is important not to stretch jerkily. The pressure must be progressive and increase according to your level of comfort, and this, for a period of 60 seconds per stretch. In this way, you give your muscles the chance to gradually loosen up and regain their elasticity. You also increase the quality of blood circulation.

Regarding compression stockings (compression stockings), opinions are mixed. For some people, using compression stockings after training or competitions helps maximize recovery. Some will say their compression stockings are essential, while others won’t notice a difference. Why not try it? You may be one of those who experience positive effects after a workout. One thing is certain, these stockings are unanimously accepted as a preventive measure against edema when the legs remain immobile during long journeys, particularly by plane.

Good recovery !

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