The SMCL is designed for cross-country riders who are looking for a light and agile mountain bike that doesn’t worry about descents or highly technical trails. It offers 110 mm of rear travel and 120 mm on the front fork. With its geometry designed for the rider’s position, it meets the new down country standards in every way. Focused on performance, it is ready for competition or the simple pleasure of climbing and going fast on trails.

From  $5 399.99$4 859.99

This electrically assisted bike stands out from the competition with its powerful pedal motor and amazing battery autonomy. Its ergonomics are focused on comfort. Very easy to mount, it places the cyclist in a well raised position, in order to be able to ride longer and without effort.

$3 999.99$3 599.99

The SFC is our most powerful fatbike, designed for speed enthusiasts. With a light and rigid carbon frame and fork, equipped with the best components, it is ready to swallow the climbs, to sneak into the trails with ease and to ride down the most difficult descents with great confidence.

From  $3 599.99

The SEM mountain bike is for experienced riders as well as novices tempted by electric assistance, but wanting to keep the pedaling and riding sensations of a muscular trail bike. Its weight, its handling on trails and its smooth and natural assistance put it in a class of its own.

From  $8 699.99

Our most accessible semi-rigid trail bike. Built around 27.5″ wheels for the XS size and 29″ wheels for the other sizes, it will provide riders of all sizes with a perfect position, guaranteeing comfort, stability and control. It is ideal for a person who is new to mountain biking, in order to learn the sport smoothly.

$1 199.99$899.99

The SME meets the needs of the serious enduro rider who is looking for a robust and efficient carbon bike to tackle the steepest and most rugged mountain trails. With 160/160mm of front and rear travel, its geometry is impressive going downhill and surprisingly efficient going uphill.

From  $5 299.99$4 769.99

Lightweight yet strong, with 130mm of travel in the back and 150mm in the front, the SMT mountain bike is the choice of experts and beginners alike who are looking for a versatile carbon trail bike that feels at home on rolling or technical trails as well as on brutal climbs or ferocious descents.

From  $5 299.99$4 769.99


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