SFC Fatbike

The SFC is our most powerful fatbike, designed for speed enthusiasts. With a light and rigid carbon frame and fork, equipped with the best components, it is ready to swallow the climbs, to sneak into the trails with ease and to ride down the most difficult descents with great confidence.

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What makes the difference

The SFC’s revolutionary progressive geometry allows the stiffness to be adjusted according to frame size, to fit the rider’s needs. Regardless of their size, all riders find themselves naturally positioned on the SFC, with a minimal gap at the bottom bracket. They get the same comfort, the same traction on soft surfaces, and above all, the same riding pleasure.

Rigidity adapted to the format. No more small frames that are too stiff and large frames that are too flimsy! By limiting the enlargement of the main triangle area in large sizes and keeping a constant angle at the junction of the horizontal and oblique tubes, it is possible to control the rigidity of the frame. This results in a 10% increase with each size increment. Smaller frames therefore offer unprecedented flexibility to lighter riders, while taller people benefit from increased stiffness, perfectly suited to their greater mass.

The SFC is available in two setups: The SFC NX Eagle is a reliable, well-priced fatbike built around the SRAM NX drivetrain, SRAM Level brakes and carefully selected Race Face components. The SFC GX Eagle offers serious riders more precision and lightness, with a telescopic seatpost, SRAM GX drivetrain, SRAM Guide brakes and Race Face Turbine and Effect components. For year-round use or rough terrain, the SFC GX Eagle is also available with a Manitou Mastodon EXT suspension fork. 

*SPHERIK reserves the right to modify the technical specificities listed , without notice

Size S M L XL
ST (mm) 370 390 420 470
TTH (mm) 585,8 614 639,6 666,2
CS (RC) (mm) 445 445 445 445
BBD (mm) 68,5 68,5 68,5 68,5
HT (mm) 90 100 105 110
ASA (degrés) 74,1° 73,9° 73,7° 73,5°
HTA (HA) 69° 69° 69° 69°
WB (mm) 1139,9 1142,6 1168,4 1195,1
FL (mm) 510 510 510 510
FC (mm) 669 697,6 723,4 750,2
REACH (mm) 406 431 455 480
STACK (mm) 611,3 620,6 625,3 630
Size S (15″) M (17″) L (19″) XL (21″)
Cyclist Height 153 cm – 163 cm
5′ – 5’4″
163 cm – 173 cm
5′ – 5’8″
173 cm – 183 cm
5’8″ – 6′
183 cm – 193 cm
6′ – 6’4″

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